Choosing genre tags for

Jan 10, '10 singleforest

This is the first post about I've written so, I need to briefly explain what is. is a literature community website similar in concept to but only for literature. Since I'm building a website for literature I've decided to organize content on the website using a tagging system. I toyed with user created tags for about 5 seconds. I want the site to have some consistency in its organization so only administrators can modify the list of tags and users will just have to deal with it. I also won't allow pornography on the site so I don't want to be constantly removing tags related to porn.

It was difficult for me to generate my own list of tags because my literature experience is mostly limited to Science Fiction and Fantasy genres so I decided to pilfer any websites I came across. Much to my dismay, the websites I checked don't have a comprehensive list of categories or tags. As an alternative I stole a list of literary genres from wikipedia to start with. I decided to make two types of tags: genre and theme. A genre tag is a literary genre that I have recognized and theme tags just describe some of the content in the submitted literature. The border between genre and theme gets fuzzy in some places so I get to decide which one goes in which bucket because I made the site. (Go me!)

So without further debate, here is the list. (You can look them up on wikipedia)

  • absurdist fiction
  • adventure
  • commentary (criticism on a topic, this is a catchall for political/religious fiction that doesn't fit into other genres)
  • experimental fiction
  • fantasy¬†
  • historical fiction
  • horror
  • occupational fiction
  • philosophical fiction
  • romance
  • science fiction¬†
  • suspense
  • urban fiction

I have tentatively rejected children's fiction and comic novel from this list. If there is demand for it I'll add it. I don't see a point for children's fiction. The website is for adults (no porn!) so I don't want to have a section that might bring children on to the site. Comic novel is rejected for different reasons. I don't plan on allowing any user uploaded images, including avatars. The last thing I want is do deal with people asking why their graphic novel won't submit to "comic novel".

I've also got a larger list of definite rejects.

LGBT: I would consider this a content tag if I allow it at all. Most of lgbt is porn.

Metafiction: I don't see a demand for this.

memoir: is fiction only, memoir is generally non-fiction.

political/religious fiction: Theme tag, the genre is itself is moved into commentary

saga: Poetry is not permitted on the site in any form UNLESS it's embedded in another work.

thriller: Goes in suspense