Singleforest: screenshot

Feb 03, '10 singleforest

After 2 days of really hard work, I've gotten comments working on both literature and the forums. It would have been easier if ruby on rails didn't have such a bungled acts_as_tree implementation. I was forced to use awesome_nested_set to implement a sane scheme for loading threaded comments. I figured it was better to use a decent plugin that I could drop later if I needed to than spend a week to write a better version of acts_as_tree now. (Nested set plugins have a rather nasty O(n) update scheme) As a result I can load an entire forum thread with only 3 queries.

Enjoy the screenshot. (The website is probably 1-2 months 2-4 years* out from public beta tests)


*Rule of estimates: double and increase by one order of magnitude. (Months = Years, Years = Decades)