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May 05, '10 singleforest

TL;DR is deviantArt for literature.

I created to solve a problem that has long bothered me. Places like deviantArt are just not made for posting literature. Literature is listed and categorized in a way that makes it difficult for members to find an audience and for visitors to find stuff that they like.

Singleforest is designed to address this in two ways.

First, there is no visual artwork on the site. Literature should not have to compete with visual art. Visual art has a very low barrier to entry when it comes to enjoyment. It takes very little time to browse from image to image. Literature takes more time to enjoy. On Singleforest, everyone will be there to read.

Second, the list views are designed to be quickly scanned if you want to look for a specific story. If you look at the browse page, you will see the following information: title, author, word count, tags, and submission date. This list quickly provides information you will be looking for. The title and author are obvious. The word count gives you an idea of it's length. The list of tags supplement the title in helping describe the content of the story. Finally the submission date tells you how old the story is. If you just visited yesterday, you'll want to know what's new.

This is what separates Singleforest apart from it's competitors. Singleforest has forums, user journals, and some other features, like a user-editable wiki, that most community sites have equivalents for. The hope is to attract a community that enjoys reading and writing because no matter how many features the site has, it's the community that will ultimately define