Another snag! (I gotta stop doing this)

May 13, '10 irl, singleforest

Well, I haven't done any programming related to for about two weeks. I've been working pretty hard on my final project. I just finished the presentation with my group and the professor said it was good enough to pass. I should be officially graduated in a week or two.

I've come to realize my issues with this website are not based on technology. Took 5 months to realize this. I'm pretty sure if I had someone else to look over my shoulder this website would be done by now. I never sat down and hammered out what features I needed and how some of the stuff was going to work. You can't just tack on a full notifications system. You can't be working on a website this big without some automated testing. (Yes, my bad. I never learned to use testing.)

I had exactly 10 versions of sitting in my project folder. Five of them are working but incomplete versions. I don't know what I'm doing. I keep trying to add extra layers to things that don't need them because I don't know where to put stuff. I'm going to take a deep breath and relax tonight.

The last SciFi Club meeting of the year is tonight. I'm going to party with all my friends that I made before I leave this school permanently. Tomorrow, I'm going to go to an all day party and enjoy myself. Only after that will I sit down and figure out what I'm going to put into using ruby on rails. An anemic bullet list isn't going to be good enough this time.