A brief, fragmented update on everything.

Jun 16, '10 irl

I've finally graduated with a Computer Science degree. My GPA was 2.866 or so. I'm just glad that's over with. I can't help that nagging feeling that I've wasted 4 years of my life.

I hammered out less ambitious plans for my literature website (singleforest.com) last night. I've decided to try getting rid of every feature that most art websites have. This isn't the most brilliant move I've had (yet) but it's one I need to get anything done. I want to experiment with using email and rss instead of a traditional message center. I'll probably need to rethink this at some point. That point being a significant number of annoyed users which I expect to happen a few months into the life of the site.

My maternal grandfather has been in the hospital for over two weeks now because of complications from lung surgery. He's going to need heart surgery for an eventually fatal heart defect but he needs to heal from the last surgery. It's been fairly stressful for me and my family. It's not the reason I've been silent for so long but it certainly isn't helping things.

On top of this, I'm getting depressed from lack of motivation and useful things to do. I'm still living at home with my parents and I really want to move out and start living my own life. I've having a difficult time with looking for jobs. It's a task that has very limited feedback if any, which is something I don't handle as well as I want to. I'm also frustrated by the lack of interesting programming opportunities in Wisconsin. I'd love to relocate but I can't take the financial risk unless I'd have a job waiting for me. I've applied at local java and .net shops but those jobs are absolutely flooded and given my lack of experience I'm not getting much consideration. Those of you that know me on irc will remember my trip to Eau Claire, I didn't get the job.

If you read all of that I thank you. Don't let my bad week keep you from enjoying yours!