Old version of singleforest.com available on github

Jul 07, '10 singleforest

I've deployed an old copy of singleforest.com on github at http://github.com/epochwolf/singleforest-old for all you voyeurs to see. It's the same copy you see in the screen shots.

My current version of singleforest.com is quite different. I'm not using openid anymore. I wish I could have used OpenID but the rack-openid gem has issues with ruby 1.9's encoding scheme. My current version also uses Rails 3 and MongoDB instead of Rails 2.3.5 and SQLite.

In other news, this blog is now linked to on my public cv at careers.stackoverflow.com. I won't link you directly to it but those of you interested can now find my real name. (I give my family about a week before one of them discovers my posts to a certain art website.) My real name would have come out anyway, I figure now is as good as a time as any to let the cat^H^H^Hwolf out of the bag.