A look at singleforest.com: polls

Aug 11, '10 singleforest

I've been getting a lot of work done on singleforest.com. I've got a week left to add features before I start tracking down bugs and getting my server ready for an August 30th deployment.

Today I finished creating polls. I wasn't going to have polls as a feature to start with but they where so easy to create I figured, why not? (Still took two days…)

This is what a poll looks like.


Nothing too fancy. It works though. One design note: I wanted people to be able to see what the current votes are before they decide what to vote.

Here's what it looks like when you click vote!


The asterisk tells you what you voted on and the green bar below the main navigation tells you that your vote has been saved.

And for a bonus, you can optionally make polls that allow people to vote on multiple answers!


As you can see, there are two asterisks on this one. You also get a preview of fully functioning editable comments.

Here's a bonus screen shot of that comment's edits.

Comment History

I've been very busy. :)