Singleforest Beta Soon (for real)

Apr 14, '11 singleforest

So close, I can taste it. Singleforest is nearly ready for beta. I've hammered the most the major bugs I'm aware of.

What's left before launch?

  • Some of the custom logging code is storing passwords. That needs to get fixed before the site can go live.
  • Moving the server from Rackspace to WebbyNode. Waiting on WebbyNode to get debian 6 out. Will go with Ubuntu in a pinch.
  • Need to write up Terms of Service and Rules documents.

Some of the issues getting the site ready:

  • Getting SSL/nonSSL redirection working properly was not happening.
    • Moved the entire site to ssl instead. Easier and more secure anyway.
  • Getting tests written for some of the code. RSpec fought me every step of the install process.
    • Releasing the beta with only minimal test coverage, will add tests as bugs pop up.
  • Writing my own css was taking way too much time.
    • Purchased a theme for $20
    • Will fix some of the icky coloration later. (background too bright, link color too light)
  • Event system was pretty complicated and was breaking a lot of code
    • Stripped events and notifications to the minimum that was required and stopped trying to ensure they get saved.
  • Spending too much time making the ajax stuff nicer
    • Stopped working on writing my own widget library and settled on a just works solution for now.

I can't wait to for this thing to be live. It's been way too long.