New Blog using Middleman

Jul 20, '13 programming, new-blog

Last week I completely rewrote the backend for my blog. It's still static files. I got rid of octopress and switched to middleman instead.

The rewrite allowed me to split my writing and my blog articles into separate sections. I've been wanting to do this for a long time but octopress and jekyll don't support multiple blogs or splitting a single blog into multiple sections. However, middleman has an undocumented and unfinished multiblog feature in the master branch. With a little effort I got it to work. I'll write something up about that later. The source for the blog is available on github if you want to try to figure out what I did.

I wish I could take complete credit for the snazzy new theme but I started with the css from as a base and the cute little wolf in the header is a stock image I paid for. The majority of the css is written by me, I just can't claim complete credit for it.