Convention Schedule

Theses are the conventions I'm attending. If you haven't been to one before and you'd like me to guide you through one, email me. Feel free to contact me at for rideshare and roomshare information.


Convention City Date Reg Status Hotel Status Roomshare
FurReality Cincinnati, OH Oct 9 - 11 Staff + God Level Booked Available
MidwestFurFest Chicago, IL Dec 4 - 6 Sponsor Booked Taken

Previously Attended

Convention Year City Date Registered Level Volunteered?
IndyFurCon 2015 Indianapolis, In Aug 14 - 16 Sponsor No
AnthroCon 2015 Pittsburgh, PA July 9 - 12 Attendee No
Morphicon 2015 Columbus, OH Apr 30 - May 3 Sponsor Yes
FurSquared 2015 Brookefield, WI Feb 27 - Mar 1 Supersponsor Yes
New Year's Fur Bash III 2015 Piqua, OH Dec 31 - Jan 1 - No
MidwestFurFest 2014 Chicago, IL Dec 5 - Dec 7 Sponsor No
FurReality 2014 Cincinnati, OH Oct 10 - Oct 12 God Level Staff
Fangcon 2014 Knoxville, TN Nov 7 - Nov 9 Saturday Only No
Furlaxation 2014 Columbus, OH Sep 12 - Sep 14 Sponsor No
IndyFurCon 2014 Indianapolis, In Aug 28 - Sep 1 Supersponsor No
AnthroCon 2014 Pittsburgh, PA July 3 - July 6 Supersponsor No
Morphicon 2014 Columbus, OH May 1 - May 4 Hypertrophe! Yes
Bluegrass Cosplay Con 2014 Lexington, KY April 5 Attendee No
FurSquared 2014 Brookefield, WI Feb 28 - Mar 2 Supersponsor Yes
New Year's Fur Bash II 2013 Piqua, OH Dec 31 - Jan 1 - Yes
FurReality 2013 Cincinnati, OH Oct 11 - Oct 13 Attendee No

Rooming With Me

If you're interested in sharing a room with me, I recommend looking at my sample roomshare agreeement. The agreement is generally open to negotiation but I prefer to have a quiet, safe place to return to after spending several hours in costume. Please keep this in mind if you want to room with me. If you're looking for a more party atmosphere, I can put you in contact with a number of friends who will be up all night.

Listed roomshare costs are for the entire convention and assume full room occupancy. Quoted amount may be different. Quotes are subject to change until you pay or 1 week before the convention which ever is first. (Payment is due before you are allowed in the room.) You don't need to worry about the rate changing after that point, I'll pay cost differences that come up.

Riding With Me

I have an SUV with plenty of cargo room. I won't transport more than 3 passengers but we'll all have plenty of cargo space. Cost is approximately $3.50 per hour traveled, round-trip. Full payment is due when I pick you up.

If you're rooming with me, the ride to and from the convention is free.