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A selection of programming projects I've done through out the years. I've been a little busy with volunteer work this last year so I don't have much that's recent.

Kairos on github

Offline registration system and an attendee database written for Ringtail Cafe Productions. It is used at Fur Reality in Cincinnati, OH and the International Steampunk Symposium, also in Cincinnati. on github

My website built using middleman, a static site generator. Currently hosted on a linode vps.

LitSocial on github

A website for writers to share their stories and people to read them. Not finished yet. It's been a work in progress since 2010. It's a hobby project I rebuild every year or so to keep my rails skills sharp.

Simple Paste on github

A plain text pastebin. I got annoyed with how handled plain text so I wrote my own solution in 3 hours. I used php since I already had it installed on my VPS and wouldn't require much server configuration.

Pious Plum on github

IRC Bot written in Node.JS. I built it to learn how to use Node.JS. I found Node.JS much better suited for building bots than ruby or lua.

GodGamePurple on github

Sabot rewritten in Ruby.

Sabot on github

IRC Bot written in pure lua. It has event based architecture and plug ins