Shootout at Dave County High

This story contains depictions of a school shooting

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A shooting at a high school with a twist. Originally inspired by a story in my local area. No one was killed, Thank God. The police caught the students before they where able to carry out their plans. This story asks, what if… they didn't listen to the warnings?

These are fictional characters in fictional events. They are not role models. If you know someone that is planning to shoot someone else you should report them to the local police, anonymously if you must.

Not Safe For Work, etc. You have been warned.

Adam woke up to a light snow fall illuminated by a single 100 watt bulb on the side of the neighbor's house. The weather was depressingly perfect. No chance school would be closed. In Northern Minnesota it took a lot more than a foot of soft fluffy snow to close a school. He crawled out of the covers and walked across the carpeted floor of the second story to the bathroom without bothering to grab any clothes. He took special care to clean his fur this morning of all mornings even though it would most likely not matter after nine. He stared into the mirror. He took after his short-haired hamster mother rather than his long-haired father and he thanked God Almighty that both of them were out of town. They probably would have asked Luke to sleep outside; they didn't approve of his coyote friend. Things would be hard enough without them around to ask him what was wrong. The mirror stared back at him.

"Am I doing the right thing?" he asked himself softly. He opened the door and found Luke standing there. The black furred coyote was clad only in a pair of running shorts. Adam suddenly realized that he didn't even have shorts on. They just stared at each other for a moment.

"Did you go running?" Adam finally asked. The coyote was either running or lifting weights every morning. He usually joined Luke in those activities but his hamster genes prevented him from being as fit and trim as Luke.

"Go get some clothes and meet me in the basement. The twins called earlier and they are ready to go today." Luke said with smile.

Adam ran to his room and threw his clothes that he had set out last night. A pair of camouflage khakis and a matching khaki jacket over a clean white shirt and white boxers. White socks and a pair of black running shoes finished off the army look. He had sewn the clothes himself. They would be slighty warm normally but the school was having heating problems that he prayed would continue for another day. The first time he and Luke had worn their "uniforms" the teachers had protested. Now they would hardly notice. He wished one more time that the teachers had listened but the they dismissed both of them yet again. Now some of them would pay with their lives. Especially if the fox twins were ready today.

Adam sighed. Today was filled with regrets. He laid a printed letter on his pillow. He could recite each word to his mother and father. He fell to his knees and folded his hands together and prayed. "Lord please let there be some other way. I didn't want to die this way. I've tried talked and no one has listened and now I'm committed. I can't back out now."

He walked down the carpeted stairs and through the hallway and into the kitchen. Maybe breakfast would calm him down. He looked for the honey-roasted peanuts Luke had bought last night but couldn't find them. Instead he grabbed two bran muffins and two bottles of water and walked down into the unfinished basements. Luke waved him over. There was a pair of card tables setup and two chairs. He set the stuff he brought down and looked around.

"Where are the guns and the armor?" They had been hanging on the wall last night.

Luke held up a school ID card. A teacher's ID card with a magnetic strip. Luke smirked and turned towards a roughly drawn blueprint of Dave County High School. "Change of plans. I don't want to get caught smuggling our guns and armor in. I hid them in the welding room locker. I also put those radios that we used last summer. The ones that have the police frequency on them. And I included headsets. "

Adam remembered those radios. They had spent the last summer in North Dakota as park guides. They had to take First Responser training in the last winter and Wilderness First Responser training in the spring but they landed the job. The radios came in handy while they were out in the middle of nowhere. So had the .45 caliber pistols they carried. Luke still had the cougar pelt to remember that summer by.

"Okay and are there any others changes? When do we get the guns?"

Luke pointed to the blueprint. Dave County High School was built with 3 wings. The front of the school was mostly offices. The left wing was the huge gym. The right was an equally huge aditorium and a few music classrooms. The center of the wings was a huge "commons' with did double duty as the lunch room and as study hall. And finally, the "central" wing which run straight back from the front offices. That central wing had four two-storied "pods" that held the various classrooms. Overall the school had the shape of a bloated peace sign with an access road being the circle. Luke pointed to the very back of the central wing. The tech classes where held there. It was a design after thought with no cameras or windows in that section. Every other class room in the school had windows that looked into the center of the pods or one of the two central hallways. And then the pod classrooms had windows that looked outside. The welding room was the only place that Luke could stash the stuff without being caught.

"Since we have first hour together. I figured we should go to school, even if the twins are shooting for second hour." The coyote laughed at his own joke. Adam was less than amused. "Anyway second hour at 8:30 meet me at your locker. We'll go from there to the welding shop."

"What about Mr. Meyer?"

"I got his key card and I have chloroform in my locker. Welding classes don't start until fourth hour."

Adam nodded and pointed at the welding room on the blueprint. "When are the twins coming in."

Luke sighed and shrugged. "Around quarter to nine. They couldn't be more exact."

"Lets go over the plans one more time. Then we have to run to school."

The plan was for Luke and Adam to come in from the back of the school and set bombs in the welding room. Jason and Mark, the fox twins, would come in through the front. Last Luke had heard the foxes had gotten their paws on a pair of AK-47s. Both he and Adam thought that was crazy. AKs would just spray bullets. Both Luke and Adam liked surgical strikes which is why they would have preferred their MP-5s but they settled on their M1911 pistols since the MP-5s would be too large to safely hide.

"How many clips do you put in the locker" Adam asked.

Luke answered quietly so as not to disturb his concentration on the map. "Four, seven round clips loaded with hollow-points. The pistols are unloaded so they don't go off by accident."

Adam nodded. Fourteen bullets apiece. More than enough. Hollow-points were even better–bigger holes. He tapped his watch. Luke folded the map and tucked it into a folder. They ran up the stairs and dove into the attached garage. Heavy boots, snow shoes, and long trench coats waited near the door to the outside. Both of them quickly put on the waiting equipment. No words where spoken. Though both of them bowed their heads in prayer before opening the door. They raced to school. Three miles wearing snow shoes and trench coats.

Adam and Luke walked into school winded. The school's liaison officer glared at them as they removed their trench coats and snow shoes at the door.

She spoke to them in an icy tone that was far colder than snow outside. "Adam, Luke. Class started 2 minutes ago."

"Yes, ma'am." There was no reasoning with her. The two of them dropped there stuff in Luke's locker, it was closer to their first hour class.

Adam sat in the front of the room, as a far from Luke as two people could be and still sit in the first row. This teacher had their number. The class was interesting but it was hard to pay attention when they where focused on the events planned for second hour. The bell finally rang much later.

Adam raised his closed fist to Luke. "Zero eight thirty."

Luke knocked his closed fist against Adam's. There was no going back.

It all depended on Luke now. Adam quickly made his way to study hall by way of his locker. There he picked up a notebook and a pen. It wouldn't do to sit in study hall with nothing to do. The teacher would get suspiciously. He made it to his seat with ten seconds to spare. The glance of one of the student caused his fur to stand on end. At least the room was cold and the other students' fur was equally on end. He opened his notebook and started working on a story that he needed done for third hour. That is if he would make it to third hour. It wasn't likely. He checked his watch and noticed it was eight twenty-five. Luckily the bathroom pass sat on the teacher's desk.

Adam stepped out of the room, pass and notebook in hand. He headed to his locker. He placed his stuff in the locker and looked around. No one was in sight. His paw grasped a leather cord tightly wrapped in steel wire, a garrote. If his gun jammed this would be his backup weapon. Again he looked around. Still no one in sight. The stairs where only a few yards away. He walked causally through the door and right into the liaison officer. Adam moved both she could protest. He whipped the garrote around her neck cracked her head into the wall and she fell dazed. There was no time to fight her. He smashed her head into the wall again and then grabbed her pistol, pepper spray and radio. Adam flew down the stairs

The welding room wasn't too far away. Luke looked out from it and saw him. He waved franaticly. Adam ran into the room and Luke shut the door. "Damn it. Get this vest on. Here is a radio too." Luke grabbed the police officer's equipment from him and threw it in the locker with a clang.

Adam strapped the "bullet-proof" vest on under his jacket, combat gloves on his hands, and grabbed a gun belt with attached radio from the open locker. The lead from the radio's headseat clipped in easily. Mr. Meyer lay on the floor. Then a the sound of automatic weapons rang out. They were out of time. Adam threw on a backpack that was laying on the bottom of the locker, cocked his gun and opened the door. He had always used the Weaver stance when using his gun. He brought the gun up and scanned the hallway. Still clear. "One is clear." He whispered into the radio.

"Go" the headset crackled. The radio was far from perfect.

"Moving right."

"Moving left." Luke responded.

They would cover both hallways. Adam forced his back against the wall near the right hallway and peered around the corner. Luke would be doing the same. A quick glance showed nothing. More gun fire sounded. He turned into the hallway. He could barely see one of the foxes on the distant other side of the long hallway. Kid ran towards Adam in panic until the notice he too was armed. His eyes scanned the crowd of kids. None of them was his target.

"Two has possible target. Moving in."

Adam kept his ears half listening for his friend's gun. Some brave canine dived at him. Adam struck her in the throat with his right hand and continued into the hallway. He caught a glimpse of a teacher with a revolver. A shot hit him in the chest. The vest stopped the bullet. Thousands of hours of simulated combat with Luke took over and he just managed to stop in time. He fired two shots. Both bullets when through the teacher's right arm. That teacher wasn't his target.

"One is hit. Minor injury. Still one hundred percent. Teacher down, moderate injuries." Adam reported to Luke. The acknowledgment was equally emotionless.

He kept moving. Neither him or Luke had hit their primary targets yet. For some wierd reason he had fired the police officer's gun. His was still on his hip. The hallways where almost clear and he could see both fox twins moving towards him, AK-47 in hand. Blood covered the shiver of the commons he could see. Luke was on the other side. Adam raised the 9mm in his hands and fired four shots. A cloud of pink showered the doors that covered the entrance into the school's commons.

"Both primaries are dead, moving to secondary."

Adam picked up both AK-47s and slung them across his back. He safed the police officer's gun and dropped it. Then an explosion threw him to the floor. That hadn't been in the plan. The bombs where supposed to be set by himself and Luke and in the welding room. The commons was already on fire. Luke was dragging someone outside into the snow. Adam jumped in and helped. Both he and Luke threw their guns into the road. They were just in the way. Adam sat next to a white furred mink. She had been shot in the leg and was bleeding out. He stripped off his jacket and tied it tightly round the shot leg to form a tourniquet. He and Luke used up their clothes as bandages to those they had dragged outside.

They were in their boxers preforming CPR when the fire department and police arrived.